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Ethanol Killer Multishot

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    petrol engines

    As agreed at European level, fuels such as Euro95, Euro98 and Diesel are now called E10, E5 and B7. Our conventional Volkswagen carburettor engines cannot handle E10 gasoline very well.

    Bioethanol affects the plastics in joints and pipes. As a result, the material can become porous and leak. This is why, until now, ethanol has been used at a rate of up to 5%.

    As a general rule, the higher the alcohol/ethanol content, the less suitable petrol is for unmodified vehicles that have not been developed on the basis of ethanol use.

    In the engine block, all unprotected aluminium parts that come into contact with E10 petrol and fuel-conducting parts such as pipes, pumps, seals and intake valves could potentially be damaged. Bioethanol has a corrosive effect and that is why modern vehicles are nowadays equipped with a Teflon layer on fuel conducting parts to avoid this phenomenon.

    But owners of new cars and motorcycles must also be careful. Ethanol is hygroscopic, which means it attracts water. Once saturated, the ethanol separates from the gasoline and accumulates at the bottom of the tank. This can lead to damage caused by the fact that pure ethanol ignites much hotter, wants to operate at higher speeds and no longer has lubrication. In addition, moisture also has a corrosive effect on the steel fuel tanks of our Volkswagens.

    Ethanol Killer Multishot is recommended for all conventional engines that first run on leaded gasoline and now have unleaded gasoline in the tank. If your vehicle does not need a lead replacement because it has hardened valve seats, you can still use it without any problems. A 500 ml bottle can process 500 litres of fuel.

    Ethanol Killer Multishot is easy to use because you can easily measure the exact amount by the system on the side of the bottle. With Ethanol Killer Multishot, you can continue to fill up with E5 and E10. It neutralizes up to and including E10 and also provides better lubrication.

    Advantages of Ethanol Killer Multishot:
    -It increases the octane number by up to 2 (20 points) depending on the fuel quality.
    -It fights the harmful effects of ethanol in fuel up to E10, it is a real ethanol killer.
    -Prevents valve seat erosion on engines whose valve seats are not hardened.
    -Detonation and hot spots are avoided.
    -It prevents corrosion in the fuel system and helps protect components.
    -Contains an antifreeze formula for the carburetor.
    -Contains antioxidants to improve fuel quality.

    Only lead substitute!
    E5 gasoline will continue to be available for the time being in large pumping stations that offer premium fuel and in small pumping stations that do not yet have to switch to E10 for legal reasons. In this case, simply add a lead replacement only if your car was built before 1975 (see the Options tab). Cars after 1975 can, in most cases, continue to fill up with E5 with the highest possible octane content, preferably Euro98.

    Note: If you opt for 100% certainty, you can always add Ethanol Killer Mulitishot, it offers guaranteed protection for E5 and E10 gasoline.

    Avoid problems!
    If the car is stationary for a long period of time, for example in winter, it is advisable to fill the fuel tank completely. Preferably with Euro98 / E5 petrol. Ethanol Killer contains a special enzyme that inhibits the moisture attraction properties of ethanol and prevents many problems.

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